As a pet owner and even a pet groomer, it takes patience and skills to carefully groom dogs and cats. The calmer they are the better but it doesn’t apply to every dog and cat on the planet. An important duty of a pet owner is to keep their pet’s coat healthy and treating skin problem before and after groomers take over.

However, dogs and cats who have hot spots or skin irritations can be very challenging to care for. Furthermore, it will very dangerous for groomers when pets are not calm enough for grooming as it may lead to injuries.

With that in mind, using CBD to pets can help to groom progress smoothly. It helps pets calm down and find relief from pain if common skin problem exist. This makes it easier for pets, groomers, and even pet owners.

Calming effect for Anxious Dogs and cats

Even if pets are calm in their own territory like at home. New places can make a big difference in the dogs’ attitude. Veterinary, grooming, boarding is just one of the few common places that make pets stress out. Anxiety in dogs may manifest differently like aggression, excessive barking, shaking, and compulsive licking.

These symptoms of anxiety make a groomer’s job difficult especially in the case of aggression. If aggression occurs both the groomer and pet is vulnerable to injuries. Even if the grooming salon is a splendid store with professional groomers, some dogs need special attention and care to relax.

Using CBD oil to pets can help them be calm and offers a natural solution for pets with anxiety when taken for grooming. With the permission of the owners, some grooming shops offer a service of using CBD as a means of calming down very anxious dogs.

It makes groomer’s job easier and also helps pet parents relax during the session when their furry babies are groomed. Most CBD products are tasteless and easy for groomers to administer. The natural calming properties of CBD helps relax animals with the absence of dangerous sedatives and adverse effects. The recent study of CBD has no records of overdose. Generally by using CBD can help groomers make thorough work in a pet’s grooming.

Using CBD to Treat Skin Problems

Dogs skin tend to be very sensitive like humans. When dogs slide their paws on rough concrete, it can cause dry, flaky paw pads. Continuous digging in the grass is susceptible to allergies and bugs. Lastly, dogs with matted furs can be a nightmare for groomers. Grooming dogs with such conditions like allergies, hot spots, and painful skin may cause them to feel discomfort during baths and clippers.

Aside from that dogs who have skin tumors and cysts are sensitive while being touch and some groomers are scared to handle such cases. To address these skin problems pet owners or grooming shops use honey, ginger, vitamin E and recently CBD topical cream.

CBD is also available in topical creams that help treat dry skin on paw pads and elbows. In addition to that, it helps shrinks tumors, heal cysts, and resolve hot spots and allergies. CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties and relieves pain from the affected area which helps them recover fast. This decrease a dog’s discomfort and pain.

Topical creams infused with CBD are natural and organic. Pet owners don’t need to worry about dogs licking the affected area. However, they may try biting and scratch the affected area during the healing time. It is best to properly trim your pet’s nails and attached the “cone of shame” or pet medical collars.