The popularity of CBD has reached the world of four-legged furry animals that we identified as “dogs and cats.” Cannabidiol or CBD is commonly described as one of the compounds of cannabinoid. It is derived from marijuana plants like hemp strain or cannabis sativa.

Besides other chemical properties found in marijuana, CBD so far provides great potential to help treat and manage certain ailments.

Brief Overview of CBD

We all know that marijuana is illegal in some states of the US. Sometimes it requires special license and prescriptions to acquire such products with valid reason. This may be because of the psychoactive effects it gives and the risk of addiction is high. Though marijuana is illegal and strictly supervised, CBD, on the other hand, is legally sold by different stores around the world.

Because the information about CBD is lacking, many folks including pet owners have little knowledge about it. This includes the effectiveness and how to use CBD for dogs. The benefits CBD carries to humans also works wonderfully to pets because of the similar Endocannabinoid systems present to both humans and animals.

To fully understand the perks and usage of CBD here are some examples of it.

Relieves Pain

One of the perks of CBD is the analgesic properties that help alleviate pain from a wound, accident or any ailments that cause pain. It happens when the CBD enters a body and binds with the receptors located from the endocannabinoid system. The ECS is responsible for regulating and maintaining homeostasis, for example, the pain sensation.

Animals are affected by pain similar to humans and therefore CBD can affect pet’s health by relieving them from pain. Although the recent study shows that CBD is less absorbed by pets like dogs that might cause the effect to be slower.

Preventing Cancer by Using CBD

In addition to the pain-relieving properties, Researchers has another finding of CBD that is derived from the cannabis sativa. It acts as a strong anti-proliferating agent that helps prevent the growth of abnormal cells called cancer cells.

As a matter of fact, it has a pro-apoptotic effect that normalizes the proper aging and death of cells. With both properties present with CBD, it helps slow down the metastasis phase of cancer and regulates cell migration and angiogenesis.

Stimulates Appetite

Just like marijuana, CBD can stimulate the appetite and it may be a major set back from humans. However, dogs that manifest certain disorders that results to lack the appetite and eventually delay improvement of their well-being. With dogs having more CBD receptors than humans, it helps boost and stimulates the sensor encouraging them to eat more.

Relief from Digestive Problems

Despite the strong immunity of pets, it cannot be avoided that some of them have the risk to develop intestinal problems caused by inflammation to irritable bowel syndrome and colitis. With the use of CBD, the antibacterial effects work like a wonder drug that helps treat a variety of digestive problems.

Besides the strong antibacterial properties, other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea can be prevented. This is because these functions are included in the endocannabinoid system and by binding the CBD receptors, it helps treat nausea and vomiting.

Helping Treat Seizures

The legalization of CBD to humans was mostly because of the benefit to stop and decrease the seizure attacks. Believe it or not, pets can also experience seizures which is why CBD is good alternative medicine.

The increase receptors of dogs bind with the endogenous 2-monoglyceride. It is found in the canine gut and helps boost the anti-epileptic functions. Numerous tests have proved that has better efficacy than shock treatment and other potential medicines that cause severe side effects.

Aside from CBD oil, it is suggested to use treats infuse with CBD for pets. It makes it faster in giving their daily dose and avoid wastage just in case your pet is one of those fidgety cute creatures.