In some cases, animals can experience trauma just like human beings. It cannot be avoided that depression and anxiety are the outcomes of dogs being mistreated. Hence rescue dog operation circling around social media has allowed these beautiful creatures to be saved from the terror of abuse. For many years, people who work in the field of rescue and volunteers are trying to find the best way to stop the cycle of abuse to dogs.

Take for example the slogan “adopt, don’t shop”, however some dogs who experience the cruelty of humans before have developed trust issues. This results in separation anxiety and possible post-traumatic stress disorder.

Is it Possible for Dogs to be Depressed?

The answer to that question is “yes.” As much as human easily get affected by emotions so as dogs. There are already a number of cases where dog experiences the symptoms of depression from the traumatic incident such as a death in the family or possible extreme boredom.

Although depression doesn’t need to be connected to the abandonment or a traumatic past, a lot of the dogs are raised in very good families but still experience depression that comes from fear.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Unlike humans, detecting the symptoms of depression to our furry friends may take effort. Here are some examples of manifestation.

  • A lack of interest in activities or things that they normally enjoy
  • Their eating habits have changed
  • They have difficulty sleeping
  • They seem withdrawn
  • Lower energy levels

Some cases of depression connected to specific incidents such as the death of a loved one are treated with time and giving lots of reassurance and attention. Unfortunately, worst cases tend to cause withdrawn depressive behavior that tends to carry on in dogs. In these cases, immediate intervention is required.

Treating Depression in Dogs

Anti-depressants also exist and are approved of the use of it from veterinary medicine. When a vet identifies the presence of depression and has a risk of self-harm then it is most likely that the vet will advise the use of an anti-depressant.

This type of medicine works differently in dogs. It doesn’t act like a happy pill but instead, take the edge off the anxiety. Causing potentially harmful compulsive behaviors that put a dog at risk of injury. Most anti-depressants carry negative side effects that give more harm when used chronically.

CBD oil treatment for Depression

From the case of dogs, when depression and anxiety sit in the manifestation carries out by anxious behavior. If left untreated a pup’s anxiety can result in destructive behavior like chewing and swallowing household materials or obsessively licking or biting its own paws.

The help oil, cannabis, medical marijuana, and other CBD products have potential effectiveness in managing the anxiety of dogs. This decreases the tendency of depression and giving a happy aura.

Here are some examples of relief when dogs take CBD hemp oil:

  • Stimulates appetite: One of the major signs of depression is a dramatic change in eating habits for both humans and dogs. When a dog is feeling depressed, he is likely to not want to eat. A few drops of CBD oil each day can help stimulate Fido’s appetite so that he can rediscover his passion for food.
  • Regulates serotonin levels: Both humans and pets need high levels of serotonin in order to regulate their emotions and feel content, calm, and happy. When low levels of serotonin are present, your pup will be more prone to anxiety and depression.
  • The calming effect of CBD: Thanks to its healing therapeutic properties, CBD will have a calming effect on your dog, which will allow him to sleep better and improve his mood.
  • Help promote good sleep: A tired dog usually means a grumpy dog. CBD oil can help your dog sleep better and restore his energy levels.

In addition to that CBD has better qualities than a pharmaceutical drug intervention:

There are no harmful side effects at all

It is not addictive, so you won’t have to worry about your pup having withdrawal symptoms

  • It is affordable and highly effective
  • It works quickly
  • It is 100% plant-based and non-toxic oil
  • Based on clinical trials, CBD oil will also treat any underlying problems like pain, nausea, and even cancer

In this context, it is important to discuss the use of CBD to dogs first to your vet. This helps determine the right dosage and amount if used frequently or constantly.