There are some cases where pet owners have tried giving CBD products to their furry babies but unsure if it is really working or how long does it take. Because the endocannabinoid system of each dog is uniquely different the effect may vary in each dog. Dogs reaction to CBD is just like every human that has a different reaction to different medications.

So first things first, don’t throw away your CBD products when you don’t see the results right away. If this is the case do not lose hope about the perks of CBD and let’s find out more why it has a different effect on your pets.

Here are some factors that you may need to know why CBD didn’t work right away or didn’t take any effect at all.

  • A low dosage of CBD -Endocannabinoid system in every dog have a different reaction. Packaging of CBD sometimes has vague instructions when it comes to dosage. Depending on the size of the dog the dosage may not be enough. Keep in mind that dogs cannot overdose on CBD.
  • Old Habits Die Hard-Even if they have consumed CBD to their system, dogs tend to follow habitual patterns such as barking. Use positive reinforcement and CBD to work on changing such behaviors.
  • Remove Allergens-If allergies or skin problems are the main concern of pet owners why CBD is used. Eliminating the source of allergies in the food or changing the environment can help boost the benefits of CBD.

Adjusting the recommended dosage

Humans and animals are uniquely similar to administering medicine. The desired dosage may work to one dog but it may be too little or too much for another dog. This may be due to different factors like weight, size, or age of the dog. Other cases are the difference of cells communicating at a different speed in the endocannabinoid system. Effects of CBD may take a few days, or even weeks of trial and error when adjusting the dosage for specific pets.

Depending on what type of dog you have and size they are, it is important to consider those factors before deciding how much CBD is needed. Some owners give once, twice, or thrice a day depending on their metabolism. The time it is administered can also affect the result and what type of CBD product is used.

Taking time with CBD and change of Behaviour

If pets experience anxiety they may be resistant to the calm feelings CBD is given to them. Although pet owners are trying to give CBD to eliminate factors like anxiety, the behavior of pacing or barking has been ingrained in them that it takes time before they are fully treated.

Such cases require patience, training, and daily use of CBD to alter the behavior. In addition to treating anxiety, CBD helps to treat severe issues like frequent seizures or joint pain. Just like fish oils and iron supplements, the effects take time before it you can really see the results. Even wonder drugs take time to develop in the system.

Remove Factors that hinder the Benefits

When the endocannabinoid system works by binding and helping regulate the functions of the body. Some factors like an allergic reaction to food or constant exposure to a particular environment such as grass can hinder the effects of CBD.

Depending on what type of allergies your dog has removed the culprit to get the maximum effect of CBD. If the problem is located inside then CBD oil or tinctures are more effective. Inflammation, hot spots and other skin disorders can be treated with CBD salves or CBD topical creams.